Small Batch

Someone once asked us, “Hey, idiots, why don’t you make majestic socks that are made in small quantities and only available for a short time?” We responded, “OK.”

Shop our limited-edition Small Batch socks now! When a design sells out, it will be retired forever. Probably.

Like most things we do, there will be no rhyme or reason to when we’ll add a new design. Soooo, you’ll just have to sign up for our Small Batch emails (below) to make sure you’re the first to know when we do.

W h i p p e r s n a p p e r s

Socks for kids age 3-12

Will I get these if I already subscribe to Foot Cardigan?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the small quantities ordered, these are only available for individual purchase. Existing subscribers are more than welcome to purchase these socks separately.