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The Gentlemen of Foot Cardigan

See Foot Cardigan on Good Morning America? You’re in the right place.

Select the gender/duration combination you’d like to purchase. Then enter the code ‘GMA’ at checkout for 50% off.

  • Mens socks generally fit sizes 8-13
  • Womens socks generally fit sizes 5-10
  • Limit one (1) recipient/product per order
  • Items will be shipped by January 15th
  • International shipping is included in price, but can take up to five weeks to arrive once shipped
  • Print out a gift certificate here
  • For any other questions, please email
  • For press inquiries please contact

Too hot for the hot tub (a.k.a. sold out)

Will I get these if I already subscribe to Foot Cardigan?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the small quantities ordered, these are only available for individual purchase. Existing subscribers are more than welcome to purchase these socks separately.